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We are the four different associations that manage the community known as Southern Point.  These associations include:

  1. The Community Association (CA)

  2. The Home Owners Association (HOA)

  3. The Village at Southern Point Condominium Association (VSPCA)

  4. Meadows at Southern Point Condominium Association (MSPCA)

The CA is supported by the other three associations and takes care of the common areas, the pool, the park and the ponds.  They also take care of the entrances to the community.

The HOA is responsible for the lot owners, those homes on the south and west side of horseshoe and the south west area of the community between Hiner to the north and Dietrich to the South.

The VSPCA represents the free standing condos from horseshoe north to Delaware to the north and from the pool house to Fort Henry Way to the west.

MSPCA finishes out the neighborhood  is between VSPCA and the HOA to the north of the neighborhood.

We’re responsible for consistently maintaining a high standard of living within our community. Our residents’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we plan events and provide amenities for exactly that purpose. You can count on us for anything related to common area maintenance and community services. We’re Southern Point Associations, always here for you.



Elite Management Service

545 Metro Place South, Suite 100, Dublin, Ohio 43017
614.721.0006   ​Fax – 937.281.0157

Manager: John Rinard  

Call center can be reached at or 855-238-8488.

Monday – Thursday: 8:30A – 6:30P, Friday: 8:30A – 2:00P

The HOA is responsible for the lot owners and the green spaces and the street lights only in the HOA boundaries.  Our sidewalks roads and space between the sidewalks and the roads are the responsibility of Scioto Township. We have monthly meetings and communicate regularly by phone and email.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Stacia Collins or email the board at

Effective 6/1/2018 we will be switching to Elite Management Services to replace Case Bowen.  Information coming soon.



Allen has lived in SP for 11 years and has served on both the CA as Secretary and the HOA as Treasurer.  He is been employed 30 years as a Risk Manager for a major retailer in the state of Ohio.


Glen has and is serving on 3 of the 4 associations within Southern Point.  Glen loves the community and is a Pastor at Southern Point Church.  He has had several business during his career and still can work us all under the table.


Patty, has served on the HOA in all capacities.  She has lived in the community since 2004 and has been responsible for many of the past community events.  She is currently employed at a major financial  institution and is a proud mother of a son serving our great country.


For Your Convenience

Your HOA provides the following services to it's members:

  1. Quarterly billing showing balances of accounts.

  2. Quarterly newsletter keeping you up to date.

  3. List of vendors that provide services to our community.

  4. Maintenance of green spaces, street lights and signs in the lot owners property areas. 



Home Owners Association





January 20, 2018

Sidewalk repairs scheduled to begin in next 45 days because of safety issues.  Well over 200 sidewalk issues identified.

We attempted but could not get Scioto Township Trustees response.  Repairs were completed December and January except approximately 10 areas where sidewalks will have to be torn up and replaced.


April 5, 2018 6:30 PM Berger

The HOA annual meeting was conducted to elect the board for the 2018 2019 term.  The current board was re-elected.  Of the 347 homes in the association only 2 members showed up.

Financials: In great shape, no increases in dues

Sidewalk repairs, made over 200 repairs for trip hazards at a cost of $23,000. There are major repairs we are trying to get the township to address.

Revised rule book with board resolutions to provided better due process and protections for lot owners against allegations.

Shed Amendment 190 for 27 against - still working on. Expect effort to find out who is living in homes.

Tree trimming issues to be evaluated this year.

New legal firm retained this year.  Graff & McGovern, LPA

Case Bowen has been replaced by Elite Management Services. Expect notices soon.

Working on water solution with township.

Discussed CP annexation of property around us.

New HOA website has been built:

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